Just try, it’ s nothing to be embarrassed of

For most introverted people it is highly likely that someone feels very awkward starting a conversation but after saying the first meaningful phrase with communication and will to understand how the other person feels, then this procedure happens naturally.


Care in the right way

Respect others’ choices with all your might and without ego because they are based on the way they live their lives so it’ s like respecting them in general. You are allowed to show no mercy if someone tries to restrict your own choices and freedom.

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Which one do you prefer?

It is necessary for your actions to depend on your decisions. The goal is for you to make mistakes in the road to find a deeper truth behind things and actions. Grow inside all these and respect not only the outcome but also the journey.

On the other hand, of course sometimes we can ask for advice people who know better or having an expertise in a field, it is not a shame.

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So bored of doing the same things

Trying new things is simple enough with a right mindset. Some specific times in your day thoughts pop up in your head, things you saw or remembered and you would like to do. So those times are the most crucial, you must write down these thoughts of yours somewhere, a paper or ever at your phone’ s notebook. The rest share occupy the courage to make your ideas to action.

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Mind if I talk with you?

In order to get into conversation with another human being just feel how he might spend his day or his life. You can also think about your activities.

Try to understand and care about how he feels about the subjects you choose with honesty and kindness.

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A helping concept,maybe?!

Imagine that whatever you live right now has already happened before. You just reenact these events as if a great actor filled with drama and acting.

So, if you played such a performance the better you could do would be enjoy every second and every scene of the play.

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Flexibility is the key

Although we have obliged ourselves with many responsibilities each one of us for our own reasons, we cannot forget other equally important subjects for our lives.

We are complicated creatures so it is very difficult to live by only with one goal in our hearts. Every day new goals pop up and we must be willing to take care of our ideas. In order to flourish in every aspect of your life make some space for many things in your day, you are not one-dimensional.

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